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At NXT 1UP Elizabethtown Baseball, lessons are taught with the ballplayer as the focus while involving the parents during the lesson. We have great instructors who can instruct players at every level for improvement. However, our instructors can not be at the ballplayer's games, so they rely on the parents for feedback on how the player is doing in game situations.

Select/Schedule an instructor's name below to learn more about our staff!


Must cancel 24 Hours before the start of your session, or you're charged full price. To cancel 24 Hours before your session, go to your profile and select your sessions to cancel. 
Why Should You Have a Membership? There are good reasons to choose a Membership - but most of all, memberships save you money!!
Team Rental we have you covered, contact us through email (above) or call us

Tennis Shoes or Turf Shoes Only! 

All trainers have set Schedules. They all book up very fast. If you see an open date we advise you to reserve it at that time.

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