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Sports Training In Elizabethtown , KY

For kids who are serious about sports, there is no off-season.

Today’s athletic programs for youth are more competitive than ever. To be successful, youth need the sports training necessary to teach their brain and body to work together in amazing ways.

Our Coach Ricks is here to help your child to reach their athletic potential. If you have a son or daughter who dreams of being a basketball star, playing college football, or making the varsity volleyball team, Everyday Athletes can help.

He gives individualized attention to both girls and boys through our Top Recruit youth sports training program to help them reach their goals and excel in any sport.

This is not just another sports camp. The program focuses on 6 key areas of athletic skills:

1. Strength
2. Power
3. Speed
4. Agility
5. Acceleration
6. Reaction

When these skills are combined, it creates an unstoppable athlete. I use these core athletic skills as the foundation for providing a personalized experience that gives your child individual instruction to use their body in more effective ways. We create a foundation of power that will carry them throughout their athletic career.

What can Top Recruit Do for My Child?

Becoming a better athlete is all about learning how to move and control your body. Athletes must know how to react, stabilize, balance, prevent injuries and increase both speed and strength. I emphasize a well-rounded approach focusing on a strong athletic foundation gives them a head start to being a strong athlete in any sport.

Our Approach to Youth Sports Training

I provide a personal touch that gives every athlete a head start in the world of competitive athletics. I work with both boys and girls to give them an individualized sports training program based on their age and abilities. I begin each session with two assessments to give us a baseline for working with your child.

Movement Screening: A movement screening analyzes how and why each athlete moves their body the way they do. This is critical in preparing for competition so we can give our youth the tools they need to be as strong and agile as possible.

Performance Assessment: The second screening is a performance assessment where we analyze common athletic skills like jumping, landing, reaction time, agility, and overall power of an athlete. These basic performance skills are transferable to any sport, and help us learn where your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are.

I offer three different sports training programs based on age and ability level from 8 years old to high school.

Youth (Ages 8-11)

This is when the body is ready to learn new skills and kids are eager to get started in the world of sports. I provide a well-rounded approach to the fundamentals. I focus on running, coordination, balance, and strength in a fun and positive environment.

Accelerated Performance (Ages 12-14)

In this stage, the fundamentals they learned are applied to sports applications. This program focuses on speed, agility, and power through proper technique and increased force. During this phase, most athletes experience a growth spurt. I help youth to use their taller, heavier, and stronger bodies to their advantage and avoid common injuries.

Competitive Performance (Ages 15+)

This phase is when I focus on fine-tuning those final pieces and hone in on those areas that set your child apart from the competition. In this phase, the training resembles sporting demands, but in a program that creates mastery and perfection to make them the best athlete on the field.

How is this different from my child going to sports practice?

Sports practice or sports camps are designed to develop specific skills for a specific sport. For example, at soccer practice, you may learn specific soccer drills, and football camp focuses on football plays, we are different.

I am not focused on developing a true freshman starter or a soccer star, but instead, we want to create true, honest, athletes that can sweep the competition on ANY field (or court). I provide conditioning and strength training that is unique, individualized, and transferable to allow your athlete to become more efficient overall.

Our Top Recruit youth fitness program acts as a compliment to your athlete's sports practice and is a great way to keep them fit during the off-season.

Coach Ricks loves working with youth and wants each of our members to succeed on both an individual and a team level. I emphasize correct technique while maintaining a positive environment of encouragement and praise.

As a team, we bring over a decade of experience with all age groups and skill levels. Give us a call today to see what you can do today to give your athlete a head start tomorrow.

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