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Why are you thinking about your hands!

Stop thinking about your hands!

My entire career, I consistently thought about my hands and the place they were at. If I was on the on-deck circle or taking a practice swing between pitches during an AB, I always focused on the hands.

It felt normal; I didn't know any other way; I always had people tell me that I was 'handsy,' but I had no idea what they were talking about.

When I started coaching, I realized my mistake of focusing on my hands too much and the consistency it cost me as a hitter.

This is an example of a 'handsy' or 'pushy' swing.

The hand's matter, just less than you think.

  • Steep Bat Path

  • The barrel is not in the zone.

  • Inconsistent

  • Losing These can be a byproduct of focusing too much on your hands. But what about "XYZ big leaguer" who says they always focus on their hands?

If you have an efficient swing, think about whatever you want. That's the beauty of hitting.

However, if you don't and you're thinking about your hands all the time, you should try something else.

The hitters who are always focused on their hands tend to have timing issues at the plate, consistently out in front of the ball.

They don't have any adjustability because their bat isn't in the zone for a long time, and they lose power because their sequencing needs to be corrected.

I will give you two drills you can do to help you with this issue.

#1. Open Stance Check Swing

  • Stop at contact

  • Let the ball get as deep as you can (if someone is flipping to you)

#2. Open Stance (Swing)

  • Think "Chest behind belt buckle."

  • Turn into back hip

  • Slightly tilt upper body over home plate

#3. Get Jammed Round

  • Full swings

  • Tell yourself to "get jammed."

  • Establish how late you can be

  • Then move the contact point in front.

Do these drills, and let these drills give you an idea of new ones you can do. The most important thing is consistency. Do this six days a week, and you won't be labeled 'handsy' anymore. I promise.

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