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Becoming a Complete Hitter

or hitters to reach their potential, they need to be able to hit all fields. Opposite field, up the middle, and pull-side. The best hitters CAN hit all fields. "Unfortunately," most don't practice it. Learn to drive the ball in BP oppo.

  • Complete hitter

  • Adjustability

  • Mechanics

  • Discipline

I've attached a few gifs for you to visually see of hitters doing this correctly below. Step 1: Watch how the best do it. Here are a few examples below. Credit to @joeycunha for the video

Do you notice how the bat angle is up and through the ball vs. out and around?

One of the things that end up happening when hitters first learn to hit to the opposite field, is they push their hands at the ball to try to force it that way.

I will tell hitters to try to "hit an HR oppo" to avoid them getting into that bad habit.

Here are a few more examples.

Credit to @MLB for the clips.

In my opinion, hitters need to start slow in order to go fast. What I mean by that is before they worry about trying to pull the ball, they need to be able to hit the ball to the opposite field.

Even the best hitters you watch on TV who seem like they are always pulling the ball, have the ability to hit the ball to the opposite field with power in batting practice.

Whenever you're ready, there's 1 way I can help you:

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